Where can I find the owner of this car?


Where can I find the owner of this car?!!!

  • Did someone block your car at that owanbe?
  • Did someone hit your car and did not bother to say sorry?
  • Did you just witness an accident or a robbery getaway?

Ok, you probably have only experienced number one of the heart breaking points above. The question is how do you treat this? Many people will simply write down the Car registration number and hand it over to the MC with a description of the car but not the name of the owner of the car.

Guess what? We discovered a database that works and it is courtesy Nigerian Insurance Industry Database (NIID).

Accessible via http://askniid.org/CheckPolicy.aspx

The site gives you details about a car’s insurance policy cover based on the registration number available to all and sundry.

***You can buy insurance policy online here***

NIID Website interface

NIID Website interface

Result page

Information accessible on NIID website

It would have been great if the phone number of the Insured can be included, but this might be too much information in the public domain.

Anyways, now you can confidently ask the MC to call the name of the owner of that vehicle blocking you when next you are handing him the note :).

Give it a try today visit http://askniid.org/CheckPolicy.aspx

Note that the car owner must have an active insurance policy for this to give you a result.

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