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Every avid sport betting fanatic in Nigeria is most likely signed on to Nairabet, MerryBet or any of the other betting platforms out there. However, one of the questions that many of our readers have asked us is Where Can I get Accurate Football Prediction?

In order to provide answer to this question, we went to the field to source for the best football prediction tool available on the World Wide Web. The search was tedious! We hit a lot of brick walls, much false information were encountered, we tried our hands on a few and almost gave up! Until we hit the gold!

Our intern, deployed on this mission stumbled on the gold via an unlikely source CNN Money… wow. What has CNN got to do with the betting world? So she decided to dive deeper, the news was fascinating because the solution was actually from a technological startup firm BETEGY. prides itself as the site that delivers the most accurate football prediction available in the market.

How do they do this? Using a custom built algorithm to analyze big data across different indices, complex calculations are carried out to arrive at different predictions, filtered and also available for download in CSV format.

Key Features:

Predictions : This is the main tab that gives you all predictions in its full glory

Betegy Predictions






Sort and Filter : This is the tab that allows you to deep dive into the data, export in CSV and run your own model

Betegy Sort and Filter







Picks : This is the ultimate page, it features selected picks by the researchers at BETEGY, it is a pro feature by the way.

Live Scores: You can view the latest score on all leagues you are monitoring. We however prefer for this function

Betegy livescores








Bet Tracker: If you want a page that simply shows you all your slips and saves you from the stress of visiting Nairabet and MerryBet constantly, this is it,

Accuracy Tracker: This feature shows accuracy of Algorithm Recommendations, which is a PRO feature… You should signup for it, because we say so …. Ok scrap that, because it is actually an awesome tool

Betegy Accuracy tracker








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