Konga Black Friday VS Jumia Black Friday 2016

Except you have been cutoff from the world, you would have known Donald Trump is the next US president and that Black Friday is Freaking upon us! To help introduce you to both Konga Black Friday and Jumia Black Friday, we have come up with a quick comparison of the two powerhouse events.

Konga released a pre black friday campaign – See it here

Event Name:
Formerly known as Konga Yakata, this year’s event is tagged ” Konga Black Friday ” with a tagline “Price go fall YAKATA”. Jumia on the other hand will be retaining it’s “Jumia Black Friday” with a tagline “More” – More Deals, More Days and More Convenience.

Verdict – Yakata has not had the chance to be part of our November Vocabulary, thus the reason Konga is going for the more established Black Friday name

Konga Black Friday will last from November 18 to 21 (4 days) while Jumia will be having a 2 week long event (November 14 to 25) covering various categories and themes for each day leading to the Black Friday day.

Verdict – It is a bit surprising that Konga is speeding things up this year, considering the fact that 2016 Black Friday worldwide is actually November 25. Many observers believe this is a smart move in our present day economy where all retailers (Online and Offline) are struggling to get the share of the dwindling disposable income in the system. Others however, are of the opinion that most workers will only get paid on the 25th of November thus Konga will only capture the attention of customers that have been saving for the Black Friday deals all year round.


Dedicated Page:
Konga Black Friday: http://www.konga.com/black-friday
Jumia Black Friday: https://www.jumia.com.ng/black-friday/


Verdict – Both parties have simply gateways to their deals. The page has a form where customers can show interest in the event by dropping their email address, watch the event’s TV commercial, see the deals calendar etc

Both Jumia and Konga have not revealed their deals as at the time of this article. However, they are both promising mouthwatering discounts. Jumia is promising up to 70% off while Konga is pulling a Donald Trump on us.

Verdict – There is going to be discounts and that is all that matters for now. 

For our readers asking where they can get the best deal on Phones, Fashion, Electronics etc, there you have it… Black Friday 2016.

By the way, if you truly didn’t know Donald Trump won the US election they you might need to get yourself a 4G LTE Phone and SIM, we can’t afford to have you disconnected from the world. Thanks us later wink

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